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Changing Time on Partner ACS


System Time Change

Use this feature to set the time that appears on system display telephones. Enter the time in 24-hour notation. In this scheme, the hours of the day are 0000 (12 midnight) to 2359 (11:59 p.m.). Since each time must have four digits, use leading zeros when necessary. The time appears on system display phones as a.m. or p.m. (not in 24-hour notation).

To change the System Time:

1. Press feature +(00)+(left intercom)+(left intercom)+#103 at extension 10.

2. Enter a new time in 24-hour notation. For example, to set the time to 2:15 p.m., press 1415.

- A display similar to the following appears:

- System Time

- Data 1415

- This time appears on system display phones as 2:15 pm

3.To exit programming press feature+ (00)